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Medicine & pharmacy translations

Medicine & pharmacy translations

We deliver quality language services for the medical industry.

Adapting medical content and literature, such as technical data, documents, records, clinical research protocol and analysis, and worksheets is what medical translation services are designed for. Such projects are responsible and challenging, as accuracy is crucial.

Healthcare and drug companies need our professional language services to be able to reflect their clients’ and partners’ needs in various foreign markets.


How do we deliver our medical translation services?

We are proud to have a team of experts in different industries and fields of expertise, including medicine and pharmacy. Every piece of content related to this sector must be accurate and relevant, as there is no room for error or miscommunication when it comes to medical products and services. We understand this and we are always ready to take responsibility and tackle such language projects. We are also familiar with all relevant medical terminology which allows us to transform your content to different languages without changing its context and direction.

At European Language Experts, we know how to enhance your business and workflow by taking care of all your content. Our knowledge will benefit the communication between you and your patients and clients. Through the power of accurate and targeted content, we make sure all your products and services will be easily accessible and attractive to your prospects.

We can remove all language barriers in front of healthcare providers and other medical institutions. Our skilled translators are capable of delivering first-class language services to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical clinics, medical companies, and practitioners. We can help patients, clients, and partners discover and choose your products and services.


What kind of medical content can we handle?

We never limit ourselves and we carefully analyze every inquiry we receive. Most often, we translate and process documents such as:
  • Medical reports and analysis;
  • Website content;
  • Workflow documentation and correspondence;
  • Communication channels and social media posts;
  • Clinical research and results;
  • Guidebooks, manuals, questionnaires;
  • Learning and training materials;
  • Product and service descriptions and catalogs.
Our experienced translators follow an effective internal workflow process we have developed to make translation services faster and more efficient. We are able to deliver our services within tight deadlines. Regardless if you need clinical research documentation translated in multiple languages or a translation of drug labels and descriptions, we are always ready to accept such a challenge.

If you need to reach a wider audience and send a message to potential clients and patients in foreign countries, our localization and SEO services will enhance your online presence in the targeted markets.

We leave no room for compromise when we deliver our services. Our translators conduct thorough research and use our libraries and glossaries to make sure every text is relevant and consistent with the input material. We take advantage of technology by using translation memory to guarantee no time and other resources are wasted.

We understand the need for a quality presentation and strong impact of your content and we make sure it is compliant with all related legislation and directives.

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