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Energy translations

Energy translations

We deliver high-quality translation services for the energy sector.

At European Language Experts, we offer multilingual language and communication services to the energy sector, helping companies thrive.

We are proud to have more than two decades of experience in delivering the ultimate language solutions to leaders in the utility, renewable energy, mining, and oil industries. Such a challenging environment has never been an obstacle for us to exceed clients’ expectations.

Our main goal is to offer language services that reduce business risk and create new opportunities by removing language barriers and converting your content with high accuracy. We can handle every content project related to numerous different areas of the energy sector, including business endeavors and communication, branding and marketing, safety, training, and recruitment, as well as regulatory terms and in-house document circulation and correspondence.

We have a team of skilled linguistic experts with experience in creating content for various industries, including energy and utilities. Their profound knowledge of this field allows us to engage and successfully complete different projects related to energy extraction and trading. We always conduct thorough research to make sure our clients will have an advantage when competing for new market shares. Their content is often completely transformed by our experts to meet the specifics of the targeted foreign market. The impact they make using our services is our highest reward, as seeing the results of our extensive effort is always a pleasure.

Understanding the clients’ goals and complying with their outline while adapting their content to a new realm is always a challenge that is never too big for us. We understand how demanding the energy sector is, therefore we constantly update our glossaries and translation memory bank. Saving valuable time and effort by avoiding repetitions and inconsistencies makes the process faster and reduces rates without allowing compromises – our language services always meet industry standards.

We are capable of handling every specific project related to the energy sector, such as solar farms, subsea mining, chemical engineering, geology, etc. Our linguists use the correct terminology, meaning that your communication channels and marketing campaigns will be accurate and relevant to the initial topic.

We deliver multilingual services related to all energy sectors and we understand the necessity of clear and precise content. The expertise we have allows us to offer immaculate end results. We can handle all kinds of branding and advertising content, as well as social media and communication channels, training materials, manuals, and legislative translations. To make sure our clients’ international goals are met, we use our service portfolio to transform their websites. Our localization, transcreation, and SEO processes are proven to be effective. Your message will reach the targeted audiences without the slightest change in context but it will sound as it should and will represent your brand in the most attractive way possible.

One of the most important aspects for most companies in the energy sectors is communications between business and their clients and partners. We are aware of the diversity in requirements related to this type of language services but we are prepared to always handle such projects with care and expertise. The quality of all communication means is crucial for companies in the energy sector. The impact they make on both their domestic and foreign markets is often related to the content involved, which is where we come in. We make sure that there are no rough edges left. Our linguists and industry experts will make sure that your clients and partners will receive every bit of vital information with the correct tone in their native languages.


What are the common types of content for the energy sector we deal with?

We can take care of every type of multilingual content your business needs, including:
  • Technical documentation related to gas, wind, and solar-powered turbines and plants;
  • Equipment and control systems installation and operation guides, manuals, and courses;
  • Diagrams, analysis, and datasheets;
  • Company document flow;
  • Training and work summaries and reports;
  • Branding and marketing materials;
  • Call center training and support materials;
  • Social media and communication channels;
  • Correspondence and email exchange;
  • Staff coordination and e-learning guides and instructions;

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