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Legal translations

Legal translations

We deliver world-class legal translation services with high accuracy and strict confidentiality.

Law is a delicate matter and all related content needs to be handled by experts in the field. At European Language Experts, we understand that legal documents must be compliant with a plethora of rules, restrictions, and regulations typical for every country or market our clients need to Interact with. Knowledge and experience are key for delivering the best service under strict confidentiality.

What kind of legal documents need to be translated for various purposes?

Legal translation services allow for a seamless workflow of documents between different institutions in foreign countries. Globalization brought the need for legal translations and they are a common service needed by different government and private entities. We can handle every project related to the field of law that includes every type of legal content possible, such as:
  • Confidentiality policies;
  • Work agreements and contracts;
  • Certificates and minutes;
  • Correspondence between law institutions;
  • Legislative and regulatory acts;
  • Court decisions;
  • GDPR regulation terms and agreements;
  • Foreign trade agreements and documents.

Collaboration between institutions, businesses, and people in different countries and regions often requires the translation of such documents, which is how we can help. Relocation and migration are among the main reasons why personal and business affairs often need our legal translation services. Any legal action you might want to take in a foreign country means that you need to have all relevant documents translated in consideration of every local requirement.

How do we excel in the legal translation services field?

Legal translations are not an easy and straight-forward task. We rely solely on our expertise and experience in the field to deliver these services. Despite that terminology is often one and the same, legal translations must be extremely accurate and in full compliance with all specific rules, regulations, and requirements of any given country. Every translation project, whether it is a court document or a license agreement text, must be precise and flawless. We are fully aware that misinterpretations and errors in legal content are unacceptable.

We are proud to have a team of skilled linguists with plenty of expertise in handling legal translation projects. They understand the need for extreme attention to detail. The effort required for an accurate legal translation is the kind of challenge we are always happy to accept.

Our internal quality assurance processes ensure an effective workflow guaranteed to deliver every piece of translated content on time. We are strict when it comes to meeting a deadline and keeping confidentiality a main priority. Keeping every piece of content private is often a requirement due to the nature of legal documentation. Following the latest industry standards, our translations protect any delicate or confidential data. Feel free to ask about our non-disclosure agreement.

What are the challenges in delivering legal translations?

Legal translation services are a complex matter due to the need of understanding how different legal systems in different countries can be. In most cases, significant dissimilarities between terminology and legislative acts are a huge obstacle in the way of creating immaculate and accurate translations. Language barriers are another issue: we often need to adapt legal text to different civil codes. Being able to deliver results considering the similarities and differences between legal systems is a skill we have mastered, as it is the key to avoiding mistranslations and inconsistencies. Our linguists carefully follow the terminology of the legal system applicable to the source text and adapt it to the targeted language without allowing misinterpretations.

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